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SMP is the developer and manufacturer of affordable plug & play solar solutions. Powering the world with Solar Energy!

At SMP we believe that solar technology should be for everyone. We have a wide range of affordable solar solutions providing solar power in emerging economies bringing off-grid solar power to a new generation of users, transforming lives and accelerating economic development and growth. Read More>>

Solar Systems

Our solar systems are our most popular product range, we provide 2, 4 and 6 bulbs variants of our solar systems and all include mobile phone charging capability via the 10:1 USB mobile charging cable.  The compact robust design means our solar systems are also easily transportable. Read More>>


Solar Lanterns

We have a wide range of solar powered lanterns, varying in design and style.  All our lanterns come as a complete solar powered units including the solaor panel and mobile phone charger with 10:1 mobile charging adapter.  Our lanterns are ultra portable and robust so you can take them anywhere. Read More>>


Solar Torches

We have a wide range of solar torches, built from robust and durable aliminium designed to last the test of time in the most challenging of environments. Read More>>


Solar Fridge/Freezers

We have a broad range of both solar freezers and solar fridge freezers in different sizes to suit any requirement.  Read More>>


Solar Street lights

Utilising the latest in high brightness LEDs and optics, the team at SMP have carefully designed and manufactured a series of LED street lights that offers street lighting in the most hard to reach environments where on grid power is unavailable.  We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing a huge range of solar street lighting solutions.  We can design street lights to your exact requirements. Read More>>


Solar Panels

We stock a wide range of solar panels ranging from 5W to 260W in both Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline options. Whatever your project or requirement please get in contact. Read More>>


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